The culprit of our humble beginning originated at the very heart of Tondo Manila – amid
the surging case of the pandemic. Commencing as a single milk tea and dim sum shop
in the early 2020s, we make sure that the burning passion be continuedly lit up and
remain strong for the years to come

The TTA at a glance

Our milk tea is yet the most affordable price in the Philippines. For as low as Php 39,
your 700 ml drink comes with a FREE scoop of pearl. Yes! And this is not a promotional
endorsement, our 1 free scoop of pearl is to stay FOREVER! Now with more than 15
flavors to choose from!

The TTA Company

The TTA Company is a Filipino owned micro business legal entity. This is the result of
oneness and the collaborative efforts of family members and friends of the proprietors.
Starting from one shop in the first quarter of 2020, we have now more than 160
branches nationwide. True enough that our taste buds know the balance between
reasonable and genuine product!

Not just a Milk tea shop

The TTA Company helped more than a hundred Filipino families nationwide and served
nearly a million of customers in a year! We make sure that our cups are filled with
tenderness and passion every time you have a sip. As our favorite saying – “I am so
loved.” (John 3:16)

Disparity at TTA

We are surely committed in upholding the diversity of our cultures. From Luzon to
Mindanao, we value and respect different origins and make sure to it that our flavors are
delightfully original and afar from the stereotyped beverages.
The TTA Company has wide array of disparity that focuses on our triad: Partners,
Patron and Place

PARTNERS: We support and provide marketing and holistic innovations to go
with the ever fast changing phase of lifestyle across the population market.

PATRONS: Every sip of our beverages leaves an incomparable experience
across the lifespan of our customers. Recognizing their demands and diverse
preferences, we are able to cater customer satisfaction in an aesthetic manner.

PLACE: The wide spectrum of localities/ branches made us to be bound
grounded of our simple beginning. Extending the idea of “hindi lahat ng masarap
ay mahal” is what we value especially to the different localities where in people.

resources are limited. Through this, we were able to make the milk tea
experience a unique one.

Our Tea-xperience

Our Tea-xperience
Our products are a combination of household specialty blended in to perfection. We
make sure that we only offer the best material and with great benefit to our FILIPINO

Our secret lies solely in our based tea recipe that is organic in nature, brewed into
perfection and has the following benefits

a. Contains polyphenol antioxidant that help decrease the risk of chronic
disease and improve your overall health status
b. Flavonoids that may help the risk of heart disease
c. Helps burn bad cholesterols
d. Polyphenols and antimicrobials that may help the digestive system and
e. Decreases cell cancer development
f. Increases alpha activity that results in better concentration and alertness
You can maximize your TTA Tea-xperience by adding some of our toppings.

a. FREE 1 scoop of Pearl
b. Cream Cheese
c. Crushed Oreo
d. Nata (Crystals)