The most popular style of milk tea originated in Taiwan, back in the 1980’s. Our house
blend milk tea canvass is the result of harmony of myriad of flavors, creamer and sugar
that our patrons will surely love. With our expanded selection of beverages, you will be
able to completely indulge in a very affordable – yet quality assured drinks.

  • Classic milk tea – “The Mother of All Flavor”, exactly what we recommend
    for those who are just beginning to feel our TTA Tea-xperience.
  • Wintermelon – TTA’s best seller for the kiddos nationwide! Explicit and yet
    refreshing, just explain to them that tagalog for wintermelon is “Kundol”! Millenials will
    surely ask how?
  • Taro – Unique sweetness with similar profile to sweet potato with touch of vanilla.
    The kind of flavor that you cannot resist!
  • Okinawa – This flavor goes best with our FREE SCOOP of pearl. This flavor is
    originally from roasted brown sugar. Sweetness delight as we say!
  • Red Velvet – First of its own kind, this flavor is a mixture of tea, beet flavoring
    and touch of rose hips! No wonder, this is very popular among the lovers out there.
  • Premium Okinawa – Looking for an upgraded version? This is the next
    best thing after the Okinawa, which has richer and thicker consistency compared to your
    Classic Okinawa flavor.
  • Cookies and Cream – Innovative mixture of cookies, cream and tea!
    You can say – the TTA Ice Cream tea flavor is on the way!
  • Dark Choco – One of our nationwide acclaimed premium best sellers!
  • Dark Cocoa and tea blended perfectly! You’ll never go wrong with this one.
  • Matcha – Level up your Tea-xperience by having this traditional healthy Japanese
    Tea with vegetal battle of sweetness and bitterness. Oh, did we say green?
  • Dark Velvet – We don’t stop from exploring other means. This flavor will surely
    wakeup your shadowy-sweet side! Prepare to be pampered!
  • Tea Blossom – Another TTA Japanese inspired drink from Sakura leaves!
    Once you take a sip, an explosion floral tea-xperience crawls to the tip of your tongue.
    How about telling you this is also for PINK Lovers?
  • Meiji Apollo – You’ll never taste perfection until you order this stuff! Adding up
    to the Japanese inspired flavor, this one is a TTA ORIGINAL. Your chocolate-y
    becomes a tea-y! Be careful with copy cats!
  • Premium Matcha – Should we say more about this Japanese Green drink?
    This upgraded version of our Matcha drink is the one that you should not miss!
  • Dark Matcha – Also best known by TTA avid customers as “Choco Matcha”. A
    two-toned Milk tea drink that will hit not just your taste bud, but your eyes as well!
  • Premium Velvet – Why settle for dull moment if you can raise your
    standard of Cocoa- Beet flavor? The kiddos also loved this one as they are innately
    sweet in nature. After all, we want the best for our children!
  • Double Cookies and Cream – Ice cream lovers out there! DCC is
    the next best thing after the traditional cookies and cream. Rich in flavor and sweetness,
    timely in a summer – humid atmosphere like the Philippines.
  • Premium Cookies and Cream – the Superior flavor of TTA
  • Cookies and Cream is here to satisfy your cravings. Mixed flawlessly with secret
    recipes, this one is best served with MORE ICE!